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Compensation Plan Overview

A forced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals that you can refer on the first level. This is a very popular plan design and makes sense to use this feature in cases where the company has defined multiple level commissions.

The basic structure of Recipes 4 Your Success compensation plan is identified by a simple equation that distinguishes the width and depth of the plan. Recipes being a 4 x 4 forced matrix suggests that you can only sponsor a maximum of 4 frontline members while also giving you the potential to earn commissions up to 4 levels deep.

Because there is a limited width to this compensation structure, then you are encouraged to assist your downline members to help their organization grow. Additionally any new recruits that you sponsor after your frontline is full will be positioned under one of your existing downline members. The main advantage of this concept is that it creates an element of team work where some members within your organization can work together and mutually benefit.

As an Active Qualified Member you will earn monthly residual commissions from the sale of products on all four levels in the 4x4 matrix.

The 4x4 matrix plays an important role in helping you LEVERAGE your time and your efforts. Also, when you help others earn commissions you will also receive a referral commission from the sale of products marketed by your team within the 4x4 matrix.

The chart below illustrates the power and the simplicity of our compensation plan.

These charts are for illustrative purposes only. The total earnings listed are the actual income potential per member and is based solely on your own efforts.